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About - Profile Photo - Lyle Baer

Lyle was born August 19, 1995 in Pineridge, SD. After being adopted when he was 4 he moved to Denver, Colorado. From a young age Lyle has always been a Artist. Drawing, painting and composing music.

After Graduating Denver School of the Arts; Lyle graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design (Savannah, GA) in 2018 with a BFA in Cinematography Visual Effects, Interactive Design and Game Development.

Lyle Lakota Baer

Digital Artist


Award-winning multi-media artist, Lyle Lakota Baer has published poetry in a Young Authors’ Anthology and won a digital art scholastic award in the Scholastic Art and Writing competition. His Adobe certifications include Photoshop and Illustrator. His commendation extends to an award in of American Archer at Geneva Glen in Denver, CO. Currently he pursues a BFA in Visual Effects minoring in Game Design at SCAD, aiming to work in film and game design.

Artist Statement

Computer graphics give me a perfection that seems not achievable in the real world. With the infinite possibilities of polygon creations and fine-tuned dynamic particle simulations, I strive to create and perfect works of art. 

My creations are infused with my unique outlook on the world: I let nature inspire me. I create work that resonates with my Native American Lakota culture showing a forgotten land and "owing waste" (Beauty in Lakota).

Throughout the years, I have grown from simplistic shapes to more elegantly defined projects, expressing beauty in my visions of reality.


Broomfield, Colorado

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